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Lindo CombCurler (Pink)

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Lindo CombCurler (Pink)

Material: Alloy Steel

Handle Type: Scissor Handle

Included Components: Silicone Pad

Operation Mode: Manual

About this item

  • FULLER LOOKING LASHES - Create longer looking lashes with the built in lash comb that separates lashes for a fuller, luscious curl. The Comb Curler uses gentle curling technology that lifts lashes from the root for more visibly curled lashes, allowing for a full volume effect. This combined lash comb and curler ensures for uniform pressure that curls lashes without the tugging, pulling, or breaking of regular lash curlers.
  • LONG LASTING CURLS - Maximize the time lashes stay curled with the Comb Curler’s firm grip silicone pads. Lift lashes from the base of the lash for an eye opening look that lasts for the entire day. The high fidelity calibrated hinge ensures that lashes stay curled without unnecessary crimping or lash breakage.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Built with durable, yet comfortable materials, the Comb Curler’s no slip silicone handle and ergonomic steel frame provide consistent curls every use. The PVC and BPA free curler is gentle on the skin and lashes while having firm grip silicone pads that hug the lash roots for a close lash curl. The universal fit of the Comb Curler’s steel frame fits the contours and curves of different eye shapes and sizes.
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