HCNT Levitating Moon Lamp Magnetic Floating Night Light Unique Levitation Bedside Table Lamp Creative Desk 3D Printing LED Light with Wooden Base for Office Bedroom Home Decorations

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  • 【The Lamp Meets Levitation】The modern moon lamp uses magnetic levitation technology, and it can float and rotate freely in the air without any contact or support, and without any noise during operation. The slow and gentle rotation effect makes you indulge in it, thus getting the effect of peace of mind. In the event of a power cut or blackout, the moon night light will be tightly attached to the base, so there is no need to worry about it falling to the ground.
  • 【The Moon is Before Your Eyes】The levitation moon lamp with a diameter of 6 inches has a textured surface similar to the real moon, which is made by using 3D printing technology and high-resolution astronomical data. This floating moon light looks like a real miniature moon when it glows. The “moon” can be in front of you anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Simple but Special】The base adopts a rounded quadrilateral design, which can play a protective role. Compared with other right-angled quadrilaterals, this is softer and more comfortable, giving people a sense of security.
  • 【Three Lamplight Modes】 You can choose warm white, cold white, and warm yellow as you want, just touch only one power button in turn. Moon lamp produces a soft light that doesn’t irritate the eyes and keeps the atmosphere serene and calm.
  • 【Decorations Suitable for Any Place, Gifts Suitable for Anyone】 You can think of it as a desk lamp, table lamp, night light, etc., and put it in the office, hotel lobby, home, living room, study, bedroom, bar, Coffee shop, etc. It can also be used as birthday gifts, Mother's Day Gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, etc. to family, lovers, friends, and colleagues, etc. Imagine when they receive and open the box, it will bring them much surprise!