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Mayan's Secret Orange Essential Oil, 100% Pure Undiluted Cold-Pressed, Therapeutic Grade Oil, 10 ml. 

100% PURE, PREMIUM QUALITY, UNDILUTED, AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OIL: 100% Pure Orange Oil; Cold Pressed Orange Oil, an essential oil also referred to by its botanical name Citrus sinensis.

Mayan's Secret Orange oil is good in soaps, candles, potpourris. Currently being employed as a natural degreaser and hand cleaner. Most citrus oils work well as solvents. Blends well in oriental type fragrances. Soothing in low concentrations. As in the case with all citrus oils, Mayan's Secret Orange oil may be irritating to the surface of the skin if used undiluted

Mayan's Secret Orange oil is extracted from the fruit peel using the cold press method. It is mostly produced in Brazil, Italy, and the USA. Sweet Orange Oil has a very uplifting aroma that is sweet and citrusy. Blends well with Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Clove, Juniper berry, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Basil, Rose, Marjoram, Myrrh, Ginger, Coriander, Patchouli, Grapefruit, Neroli, Ylang ylang, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, Black Pepper, Jasmine, Vetivert, Coriander, and Cinnamon.

Mayan's Secret Orange oil is a natural deodorizer used in body sprays, perfumes, air fresheners, candles, household cleaning products, detergents, and colognes. As with all cold pressed citrus oils, Sweet Orange Oil may cause skin irritation.

Mayan's Secret Orange oil may also be used as a flavoring agent. As in the case with all citrus oils, oil of Sweet Orange may be irritating to the surface of the skin if used undiluted.

Mayan's Secret Orange oil has been used in weight loss products, aromatherapy products, culinary purposes, homeopathic products, air fresheners, lotions, face lotions, deodorants, skin care products, household cleaning products, detergents, candles, body sprays, perfumes, and colognes.

This essential oil is cold-pressed extracted from the peel of the orange. It is 100% pure and natural with an appealing fruity citrus scent. Mayan’s Secret carries the most Amazing and Unique orange oil in our opinion,100% pure and natural never diluted. 

Orange Essential Oil

  • Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis
  • Alternative Names: Sweet Orange, Wild Orange
  • Botanical Family: Rutaceae
  • Primary Constituent: Limonene
  • Other Main Constituents: Myrcene
  • Plant Part: Peel



Our orange oil is commonly used in body lotions, soaps and skin creams. It is said to have age-defying properties and is used for its moisturizing benefits. 

Safe for topical use; due to high concentration, dilution with a carrier oil is recommended. Natural, Unfiltered, Undiluted, No Toxins, No Additives, No Preservatives, packaged in the USA. For any questions regarding proper usage in products please contact us.


#1 TRUSTED – Dark amber glass bottle and glass stopper extends the shelf life as oils are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to protect them from oxidation. Pure natural oils not packaged in dark bottles will lose potency & become non-effective. Mayan’s Secret offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for no-risk purchasing. Don’t absolutely love it? We’ll refund it - no questions asked. And we answer all emails.