Organic Sunflower Seed Essential Oil

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Buy Mayan's Secret® Organic Sunflower Seed Essential Oil. BEST ORGANIC MOISTURIZER - 4oz size | All Natural Cold Pressed USDA Certified Organic - High Linoleic | Best for Acne Prone Oily Skin and Face | Daily or Nighttime Facial Regimen.

Mayan's Secret USDA Certified Organic Sunflower Seed Oil is High Oleic Acid . This virgin (unrefined) oil is extracted from sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus). Generally, seed oils in their virgin state retain more of the natural characteristics of the original seed. Consequently, this variety of sunflower oil is not only high in oleic acid, but also rich in naturally occurring vitamin E. As an antioxidant, the presence of vitamin E helps inhibit oxidation. As with all sunflower oils, the virgin variety is low in saturated fat. 

NUTRIENT RICH: Mayan's Secret Cold-pressed Certified Organic Sunflower Seed oil improves skin health and regenerating cells. This results in better protection for your skin against damage from the sun as well as the natural degradation of age that occurs when free radicals are present in the body. Recommended for those with acne / oily skin normal skin combination skin dry skin and mature / aging skin.


HOW TO USE: Nourishing for the skin without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue, this lightweight oil is perfect as a hair oil, face wash, or moisturizer.


#1 TRUSTED – Dark amber glass bottle and glass stopper extends the shelf life as oils are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to protect them from oxidation. Pure natural oils not packaged in dark bottles will lose potency & become non-effective. Mayan’s Secret offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for no-risk purchasing. Don’t absolutely love it? We’ll refund it - no questions asked. And we answer all emails.