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  • 16-ounce pouch of Certified Organic Mesquite Powder, Delicious Gluten-Free Flour Substitute
  • Mesquite powder is an excellent source of minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, lysine, potassium, and zinc. It is a versatile ingredient as well with many bakers integrating it in cookies and cakes. Cooks, meanwhile, use it in savory dishes and barbeque sauces. It is ideal for people with diabetes.
  • Many people describe mesquite powder as having a rich, caramel-like taste, which is why it’s often used as a natural sweetener.
  • Because of its low glycemic index number (25), mesquite is a great alternative to regular sweeteners in baked goods and other foods. Additionally, mesquite has measurable amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc.
  • Vegan Protein Source: With one full gram of plant-based protein per tablespoon, mesquite is a great ingredient to add some wholesome, delicious protein to recipes, yogurt, cereal, and baked goods.