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Mayan’s Secret Carrot seed oil is 100% pure with a characteristic sweet earthy aroma. Carrot seed essential oil can help you retain your youth even as your friends start balding and showing wrinkles on their faces. Antioxidants in this essential oil repair the damages done to your tissues by oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. These antioxidants protect your skin from wrinkles. The most UNIQUE and AMAZING Carrot Seed Oil on the market, in our opinion. If you are not ABSOLUTELY amazed, receive a full refund from the manufacturer, Healing Solutions, no questions asked!

Carrot Essential Oil

  • Botanical Name: Daucus carota
  • Alternative Names: Wild Carrot
  • Botanical Family: Apiaceae
  • Primary Constituent: Carotol
  • Other Main Constituents: Beta-caryophyllene, Geranyl Acetate, Sabinene
  • Plant Part: Seed

Oil Uses

HOW TO USE: Won't Clog Pores: You'll love the way this lightweight oil is readily absorbed into your skin. It penetrates deeply yet leaves no greasy residue. Won't trigger breakouts; ideal for all skin types. JUST ONE INGREDIENT - 1 ounce of 100% pure, natural, unrefined virgin Carrot Seed Oil (Daucus carota) from Egypt is vegan friendly and has gone through NO animal testing - cruelty-free!


#1 TRUSTED – 1 oz Dark amber glass bottle and glass stopper extends the shelf life as oils are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to protect them from oxidation. Pure natural oils not packaged in dark bottles will lose potency & become non-effective. Mayan’s Secret offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for no-risk purchasing. Don’t absolutely love it? We’ll refund it - no questions asked. And we answer all emails.