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Soft, feminine and romantic. A true rose experience. Extremely creamy and soft on your skin. Each soap is individually crafted, cut, wrapped and labeled.

Vegan friendly, cruelty free. 4.5 oz glycerin soap bar.

Eco-friendly information

  • Product Materials: Biodegradable, Compostable, Plastic-free, and Nontoxic

If you've purchased DeShawn Marie soap in the past then you know what a special treat they are. If you are discovering DeShawn Marie soap for the first time, be prepared for your skin to fall in love. Each soap is individually handmade, packaged and designed, making them a unique and very personal treat. Please keep in mind that due to handcrafting the size, color and shape may vary.

Store soap in a cool dry place. Handmade soap will last a long time if kept dry between uses. Use a soap dish that allows the soap to drain and dry out prior to next use.