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Mayan's Secret Cedarwood Essential Oil, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade for Sleep, Hair 10ml Glass Bottle. 

Mayan's Secret Cedarwood Oil, an essential oil sourced from the United States that is extracted from the chips and sawdust of the cedar tree by distillation. The cedarwood raw material used for distillation is derived from discarded cedar tree and stumps; no logging is practiced for the sole purpose of extracting oil. Our cedarwood oil is 100% pure with a characteristic woody odor which may change somewhat in the course of drying oil. The important constituents of cedar essential oils.

DON'T FALL VICTIM TO CHEAP DILUTED CEDARWOOD OIL - Most of the Competition Dilute Their Oil with a Cheap Carrier Oil or Even Other Potentially Dangerous Chemicals. Our Cedarwood Oil is Routinely Tested for Purity And Other Unique Qualities in Order to Ensure You Are Buying The Purest Oil Available.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Botanical Name: Juniperus virginiana
  • Alternative Names: Red cedar, Red juniper
  • Botanical Family: Cupressaceae
  • Primary Constituent: Alpha-Cedrene
  • Other Main Constituents: Cedrol
  • Plant Part: Wood

Oil Uses

HOW TO USE: PERFECT FOR YOUR DIFFUSER: So many of the products we use in our homes and around our families are filled with toxic chemicals that can have grave repercussions. Using our cedarwood essential oil in your diffuser or humidifier as a natural deodorizer may help get rid of bacteria in your house.

STEAM DISTILLED TO PERFECTION: Mayan’s Secret Cedarwood essential oil is 100% pure, natural, and extracted with precision to produce the best quality cedarwood essential oil. Get the BEST results, Embrace the powerful aroma and holistic results of cedarwood.


#1 TRUSTED – Dark amber glass bottle and glass stopper extends the shelf life as oils are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to protect them from oxidation. Pure natural oils not packaged in dark bottles will lose potency & become non-effective. Mayan’s Secret offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for no-risk purchasing. Don’t absolutely love it? We’ll refund it - no questions asked. And we answer all emails.