Glass Dropper Assembly 5 pcs

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  • 5 Black Glass Dropper Assembly dispensing closure 22/400 4oz 7 x 108mm Pipette 
  • (PP) Polypropylene ribbed hard plastic collar with a soft natural rubber bulb and straight tip flint glass pipette.
  • Use for oral administration
  • Veterinary pet care drops
  • Cosmetic face serum
  • Biotin oil hair care and more!
  • The Glass Dropper Assembly is a polypropylene, ribbed collar hard plastic with a natural, soft, resilient rubber bulb and straight tip flint glass pipette dispensing closure.  Made specially for the popular Boston Round bottle.

Highly used for pharmaceutical, oral-administration CBD oil pain-relief drops, and pet care kitten eye drops.  It can also be used for oil-base skin perfume scented cosmetic products.  As always we highly recommend testing your products with our packaging for compatibility!