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Social Shopping Reimagined.


We are so glad you’re here.

Adding a live commerce shop to your e-commerce strategy is daunting. Livestreaming by itself is overwhelming if you’ve got limited staff or technical skills. As a business owner, it can be frustrating to want to stay up to date on trends but literally have no free time to devote to learning a new skill. We’re here to change that.

LiveShelf provides a robust video streaming CRM solution where creative control is put back in the hands of brands: production, stream content, buyer interaction and seamless integration with the tools to elevate your online shopping experience from home 

Social Shopping is the new way to shop from home with your favorite brands and influencers. Combining video, e-commerce and social media, social shopping allows for a truly unique and innovative shopping experience! 

LiveShelf was designed for and by sellers. Our team has spent years running brick-and-mortar retail stores, building robust e-commerce platforms for global brands and even managing Shopify and Facebook stores. We’ve ‘been there, done that’ and understand the challenges and uncertainties of selling in a modern social world. 

What to Expect

Our blog, titled the Green Room, will help readers understand live commerce better with a whole slew of content planned to showcase our sellers and their unique products and provide helpful tutorials and guides on this emerging + exciting market.

Here’s just a few things we have planned:

  • Live Commerce Data and Trends
  • Training Videos
  • Seller Highlights + Product Features
  • Exclusive free resources for sellers
  • and more!

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Be kind, mask up and shop better!

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