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Top 5 Tips for INFJs Selling Live

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Public speaking is scary.

Not everyone gets that gut-clenching fear when they think about speaking in public. Some even thrive on it—but going live? Filming yourself is a hurdle that many creative entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with, but especially those who identify as INFJs, along with other introverts. Many in our social media team identify as INFJ so we understand the constant struggle of balancing your personal needs while also scaling your business. 

Luckily, we’ve built LiveShelf for people like us! With our social shopping platform, it’s easier for sellers of all kinds to increase customer engagement and sales instantly via a live video shop. Over the past few months, as we’ve been testing our platform, we’ve found a few tips and tricks to going live that are beneficial for everyone, but especially relevant for INFJs.  

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You’re not alone. Live streams and social commerce can be daunting. Keep yourself open to asking for help and seeking expertise as needed.

Consider finding a partner to assist with streams: reading and responding to comments, asking questions, aiding in conversation, or prepping for shows. If you can’t find a good candidate, we’ll set you up with a LiveShelf Creative Manager. We’re always here to back you up! 

Kindness Matters

If you struggle with anxiety issues or are a highly sensitive person (HSP) it can be hard to put yourself and your business out there, subject to potential criticism. Our comment filter system includes BiPOC, cultural and sexual sensitivities to keep the stream as on-topic AND kind as possible. 

If there is a specific term you wish to find out is banned on the LiveShelf platform, reach out to your Account Manager for a list. 

Prepare, but Don’t Fret 

Many INFJs love to make lists, organize, and put everything in its place. It’s not always easy to make progress, especially if you expect perfection on your first few tries. You don’t need to be perfect. Read that again. Twice. A little bit of prep goes a long way.

  • Create a happy space. Find a quiet and well-lit space for live streams—spruce it up with your favorite items or clean up the staging area for maximum tranquility and peace of mind.
  • Research your products. Think like the customer: what would you want to know about the product? Prepping for questions and having detailed descriptions will keep you ahead of the game and reduce your stress.  
  • Notes and memos and instructions, oh my! Have a game plan of what to talk about or in what order. Prepping prices, quantities, size/measurements, and other details will all be in your favor and help put you at ease.  

Live Shop Tech Talk  

Not comfortable with the technical side of things? There are a few ways you can combat this.  

  • A friend or family member may be more than happy to help you with the basics, or even become your assistant;  
  • you can always hire a video production professional  
  • or sign up for the LiveShelf Box Office program and have an influencer do the heavy lifting. 

New sellers can also ask about our complimentary streaming kits—just ask and we’re happy to help! We want control to be in your hands.  

Focus on your Passion 

One of the most important rules of social commerce is to let your passion light up the room. Live shoppers pick up on your excitement. If you’re not prepped as much as you would like, that’s okay! Focus on having fun and expressing your passion for your products and creations. Just remember to have plenty of products finished before the scheduled show and know your quantities.  

Social retail is all about displaying the product in a clever and clear way. Show the fine details, describe the texture, color, design—don’t be afraid to use your five senses.  

Overcoming Roadblocks

Some INFJs are more extroverted or would more easily define themselves as a “people person.” Here are some tips for connecting with your audience:

  • Be you! There’s only one person like you. Be your quirky, unique self.
  • Be real. When you’re genuine, your audience connects with you more easily. 
  • Be comfy. Wear what makes you happy, comfortable, and confident. Express your style, while also considering what will look clean on camera.
  • Keep it simple. Small details can make all the difference but focus on the real star of the show: your products.

Still, seems pretty challenging? We get it. Believe us – it gets easier with time! Each LiveShelf Account Manager has gone live themselves so they understand the challenges sellers face. 

Lean on us for guidance and know with each new show, you’ll become more comfortable—as they say, “practice makes . . . better!” 

Remember, there’s a real, imperfect human on the other side of the camera lens—and they don’t expect you to be perfect either! 

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