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Beta Applications Now Open!


It’s finally here. LiveShelf has opened up our beta list!

Sell better live with LiveShelf, our live shopping platform built by sellers for sellers! 

At LiveShelf, our goal is to streamline e-commerce for everyone. With our safe and user-friendly social selling platform, we’re here to finally bridge that gap between offline and online retail.

LiveShelf allows sellers to create authentic online interactions with an interactive video stream that equally prioritizes buyer experience and sales conversion with an integrated product catalog, shopping cart & remarketing tools.

Ready or not, here we come 

We want all buyers and sellers to have a voice. With that in mind, LiveShelf has been released at launch for BOTH Android and iOS—Android users get left out of first releases all the time but not with us! #teamplayers

Be your own ringleader.  

Thanks to our innovative administrative dashboard called Backstage, brands are able to easily launch their first social commerce campaign in minutes. Backstage is where all the magic happens.

Screenshot of adminstrative dashboard called Backstage. 5 shows are listed with the menu on theft.

Via Backstage, sellers are able to schedule shows, add products, connect your Paypal account and start selling LIVE – all within the first 10 minutes! With built-in order management, shipping and shop payout – everything you need to launch live shopping for your brand is Backstage. 

In-Video Shopping Cart   

Live shops are here to stay; we’re here to elevate the online shopping experience. The hottest brands and influencers are buzzing for the social shopping realm. There’s no better way to create brand awareness than stepping into the room where it happens.  

Sell Better Live

As we’re in beta mode, a private invite is required for shops and influencers to join. We’d like to think of it as our own exclusive club. 😉

Not a part of the revolution? If you’re ready to sell better live, apply now as a seller to get your pop shop up-and-running like the beautiful machine that you know it could be! Visit here to apply: let’s get this show on the road!  

Watch and shop, ladies and gentlemen.  

Join the Journey on Social

Along with the LiveShelf App, we’re working hard to prepare more exciting content for our blog, The Green RoomOur holistic approach aims to improve all facets of live commerce in one fell swoop. We strive to provide the best resources and an insider’s view on how to social commerce can improve your e-commerce and influencer marketing strategies with tutorials and tips to get you closer to skyrocketing sales.

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Put FOMO in the rearview with LiveShelf!

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