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5 Reasons Etsy Sellers should Sell on LiveShelf


As much as we all love Etsy, let’s face it; there are limits to your options as a creator, craftsman, and seller. There’s no need to inhibit your aspirations and ingenuity. 

Livestream apps have had exponential growth since the early 2000s and social retail is the hot topic on the rise.  Adding live shopping to your e-commerce strategy is becoming more and more necessary for breakout success.

So what does that mean for small businesses? It means you can compete with the big guys. In fact, secondhand and thrift sellers on Depop, Etsy or Poshmark can easily implement live shopping and we’re going to tell you exactly why and how you can do that.

Consider the following five reasons why Etsy sellers should sell on a social shopping platform like LiveShelf.

  1. Product Videos Sell & Encourage Engagement 

You deserve to have pride and accessibility in displaying items in all their splendor. It’s a simple fact that customers are more likely to buy if they can see more of the product and ask questions without playing the waiting game. Etsy themselves say buyers love and prefer videos for product purchasing decisions, “based on a July 2020 analysis of over 5 million buyers, comparing the purchasing behavior of those who were shown listing videos to those who were not.” 

Streaming products to viewers can increase trust competence and quality of information compared to text alone, boosting positive consumer behavior and outlook.

Imagine returning customers and new customers all in one space; this is when live shopping comes to life! 

  1. Artisan Products Shine Live 

Handmade, artisan, heartfelt, and custom products shine best when viewers see the heart on your sleeve. Not only will sharing every physical detail of items increase interest, but it will also boost buyer confidence in your store and products.  

If that purple succulent or Happy Tree Tee catches their eye, consumers can buy directly from the app during the live show; no link conversions or drop-offs. it doesn’t get any simpler than that! 

  1. New Products & Hyping up Drops 

Whether hosting a live shop show for yourself or via influencers, hype yields more hype. 

Live Shopping creates FOMO and it’s easy to capitalize on that. From the clothing rack or workshop straight to the camera, introducing and marketing new items is simple, easy, and a joy to experience live excitement and constructive feedback directly from the people that matter.  

  1. Sell Thrift and Second-hand 

LiveShelf allows you to freely explore social shopping with a wide variety of new, vintage, and used items, including thrift and second-hand. These types of sales are limited on Etsy. Their marketplace only allows “vintage” and “craft” resales and sellers are subject to fees for items that do not follow the policy.

Hard to believe? See Etsy’s reselling policies here

See our Q & A to compare with LiveShelf – we don’t limit the types of products sold on LiveShelf.

  1. Remarketing to Past/Returning Customers 

Etsy’s selling services and policies also don’t allow you to remarket to past customers. This can be a discouraging loss not only for you, but for your customers. The only way for customers and fans to find you again is to follow your store or to look up order histories.  

Somone bought a handmade scarf from you 2 years ago? But now he needs to find another gift for his cousin’s chihuahua and has forgotten where he originally purchased the scarf. How much time could be saved and how much joy could be gained when he rediscovers your store again?  

LiveShelf combines all the tools needed to run a full-fledged business with a robust administrative dashboard that allows for easy and quick implementation of a live show within 15 minutes of creating your seller account.

Vamp up and boost your store with a simple and fresh update: team up with LiveShelf. 

Still have some reservations? 

LiveShelf offers 1 month free before making any commitment. After that, sellers pay a small commission rate of 5%. We strive to provide tips, tools, and a streamlined experience for all businesses; LiveShelf can even help connect you with suppliers, influencers, and other resources. Social retail never looked so good. 

TLDR: There’s nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain from selling live. Rock the online shopping world and generate more pride and confidence in your store via LiveShelf. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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